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Virtual Organizing & Consultation

We Can Help Organize Without Entering Your Home!


Virtual organizing is a wonderful way to get your home, photos and your life in order! 

We offer phone coaching by the hour and video organizing services in 2 hour time slots. 

You tell us your preferred method of communication, and we will set up the virtual sessions!

Residential and Home Office

For our one-hour initial virtual visit and consultation, we will do a thorough, room by room tour of your space, giving you all of our ideas and a list of recommended products that will help you reach your organizing goals.  

Downsizing and Moving

Moving can be very a difficult process. Our caring Senior Move Managers and Organizing Assistants will help identify items in their current home that can be taken to their new space, donated, sold, sent to family, or recycled.

Photo and Memorabilia

Perfect for those customers whose photos are sitting in their computer or phone just waiting to be in order for future reference. We can organize your digital photos, and can then create digital or traditional photo albums!



Certified Virtual Professional Organizer

"My education background allows me to continue to teach people new skills and foster new systems that make their lives more simple and meaningful."

Certified Virtual Professional Organizier

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