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"10 Organizing Tips

for the Years Ahead"

An article written for Healthy Aging Magazine
by Jill Yesko

"When cleaning, decluttering, and organizing for the years ahead, first think about who you are and how you live now. My suggestions come as a certified professional organizer who has helped more than 4,000 families organize their homes, downsize, move, or transition. One of the most important goals for organizing and decluttering is to make space for the life you live and your plans for the future."

Click here to view the whole issue on the Healthy Aging website. Click here to check out their "Book Shelf" page featuring books written by Jill!

"Bust a Move: How to Prepare for Moving into a New Home"

An article by Erik J. Martin

Erik quotes Jill when explaining the potential cost of moving!

"A Senior Citizen’s Guide to Moving"

"If you’re a senior who’s relocating soon, don’t worry or stress. With the right resources and the moving advice for seniors below, you’ll be well prepared to manage this move."

Check out this blog from MyMove that gives some tips and resources for seniors preparing to downsize!


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Excerpt from "Organize Your Home Like Never Before With These 12 Tips" Blog by Julia Weaver

"To conquer “paper nests” all over your surfaces, create a space (one space is all you need) for incoming mail, magazines, catalogs, and any loose notes you receive. A beautiful bowl, and wooden tray – anything that can hold a week’s worth of information is ideal. Go through this inbox by taking it to a surface – dining room table, countertop – to sort, discard, recycle and keep – then once you are done processing the bulk, return the bowl, empty or not, to its place" - Discover Organizing

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Excerpt from "6 Organizing Habits to Steal from the Professionals Who Help Boomers Downsize" article by Emma Diehl

"Jill Yesko, founder and president of Discover Organizing, has been helping people of all ages declutter their homes since 2003. She finds most clients don’t start organizing because they just don’t know where to start. 


For Yesko, that’s easy: the kitchen. 'It’s probably the most important space in the house. That’s where you fill the soul, entertain, and create a space for healthy living.' It’s also where a lot of clutter accumulates without you noticing..." - Emma Diehl

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Excerpt from "Optimizing Your Home After Rehabilitation" article in the PSC Making Aging Easier® Newsletter

“Relocation stress syndrome is real, and moving around can be very worrying,” said Jill. “Reorganizing the home after returning from rehabilitation is a great opportunity to take a clean slate approach.”


There’s a way to blend the familiarity of the home with a new level of safety and care – this is what Jill strives for. Rebooting the house in question is a critical step in making it a more accessible and less hazardous living space. “For example, you want to make sure no stray objects are allowed on the floor. Remove loose wires and things that get in the way,” Jill cautions.

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