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Discover Organizing and EZ Storage Make Organizing and Storing Your Items EZ!

Sandy from Discover Organizing and Megan from EZ Storage demonstrate the services both companies have to offer by organizing one of the units at EZ Storage's new Ross Township location! 

After the Decluttering...
What's Next?

Watch the recording of Jill's virtual presentation hosted by Peter's Township Public Library! In this class, Jill explains how to implement systems of organization and sorting to prevent further accumulation of clutter. Subscribe to Peter's Township Public Library's YouTube channel for more great content!

Discover Organizing discusses their experience on A&E's "Hoarders"

Jill, Ceri, and Sandy sit and talk about how rewarding it was to work together on season 11, episode 2 of "Hoarders".

Virtual Organizing with Sandy and Kelly

Watch the full recording of the assessment and virtual organizing session between Discover Organizing's Sandy Kutchman and Howard Hanna's Kelly Fraasch! Kelly needed some help organizing her closet, and Sandy was able to utilize Zoom to help her accomplish her goals. 

LifeOptions Pittsburgh - featuring Jill Yesko

Betty Karleski of Life Options Pittsburgh discusses senior downsizing with Jill Yesko, Certified Professional Organizer, Certified Personal Photo Organizer and President of Discover Organizing Inc.

Discover Organizing - "Get Organized for Good!"

Watch Peters Township public television recording of Discover Organizing Inc.'s class "Get Organized for Good!" presented by Jill Yesko, Certified Professional Organizer, at the Peters Township Public Library.  Jill shows her step-by-step methods of simplifying your life and creating lasting systems of organization.

Jill Yesko featured on BPTV!

Watch Bethel Park's local TV special "Empowering Women" featuring Jill Yesko, Certified Professional Organizer. In this interview, Jill explains why she became an organizer and how she created and developed Discover Organizing Inc. in 2003.
Jill also shares some valuable tips on how to tackle the challenges of getting organized!


Episode 1:
Capitalize on Your Energy

Join Jill and Sandy as they discuss the importance of working while you have energy, not while you are hungry or tired. Stay tuned for more tips!

Episode 2:
Work as a Team

Jill and Ceri talk about the effectiveness of working together with family members or friends when tackling large projects.

Episode 3:
Stick to a Schedule

Watch Jill and Ashley's conversation about the tools and tips that can aid you in improving your time management and project management skills.

Episode 4:
Use Bins to Start Decluttering

Jill and Sandy give some pointers on how to use bins and receptacles around the house to separate the clutter in your home.

Episode 5:
Focus on One Room at a Time

Jill and Sandy discuss how to effectively and efficiently declutter your home one room at a time!

Episode 6:
Left-to-Right, Top-to-Bottom

Jill and Ceri show you how to tackle stressful amounts of clutter with this very useful tip!

Episode 7:
Only Handle It Once

Jill and Ashley explain how the "OHIO" technique can help you organize your belongings quickly and efficiently.

Episode 8:
Start With the Easiest Room

Watch our latest tip featuring Ceri discussing her roll as a Certified Senior Move Manager with Jill and how she helps her clients start downsizing the easiest rooms first.

Episode 9:
Contain and Label

Jill and Sandy talk about the importance of labeling the containers that you organize your belongings in, making it easier to locate the things you need!

Episode 10:
Make a Final Pass

Watch our final tip in the series in which Jill and Ashley go over the benefits of making one more pass on the items you sorted through to make sure that you are happy with your decisions.

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