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Closets, depending on their size (walk-in, reach-in?) can become dumping grounds for clutter we don’t want to see, like excess clothes or items we no longer need or want.  We at Discover Organizing want you to love your storage areas so much that you WANT to access them often and enjoy doing it! We have picked some real closet superstars to share with you that we use in our organizing projects with clients that win every time.

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White Nordic Storage Baskets with Handles

Whitewashed Wooden Storage Bins with Handles

Whitewashed Rattan Storage Bins with Handles


Grey Montauk Square Cubes

Natural Montauk Storage Cubes

White Montauk Square Cubes


Charcoal Nordic Storage Baskets with Handles

White Montauk Woven Rectangular Storage Bins

Mocha Water Hyacinth Storage Bins with Handles


Water Hyacinth Storage Bins with Handles

Water Hyacinth Storage Cubes with Handles

Mocha Water Hyacinth Storage Cubes with Handles


Water Hyacinth Box with Liner

Grey Cambridge Storage Boxes

Black Cambridge Storage Boxes


Navy Cambridge Storage Boxes

Nova Woven Storage Bins

Navy & Ivory Rugby Stripe Storage Bin with Rope Handles


Blush Poppin Storage Boxes

Slate Blue Poppin Storage Boxes

Bigso Grey Soft Storage Boxes with Handles


Bigso Flax Fabric Storage Cube

White Oskar

Storage Box with Lid

Chancellor Baskets


Clear Plastic Storage

Bins with Handles

Grey Cottage Woven

Storage Bins

White Plastic Storage

Bins with Handles



6-Drawer Premium

Clear Acrylic Chest

Stackers Clear Acrylic Lids

Modular Acrylic Linen Jewelry Drawer System


Acrylic 4-Section

Purse Storage Organizer

Acrylic Necklace Keeper

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