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Check out some of the videos, publications, and other forms of media Discover Organizing is featured in!


Jill Yesko featured on BPTV!

Watch Bethel Park's local TV special "Empowering Women" featuring Jill Yesko, Certified Professional Organizer. In this interview, Jill explains why she became an organizer and how she created and developed Discover Organizing Inc. in 2003.


Jill also shares some valuable tips on how to tackle the challenges of getting organized!

LifeOptions Pittsburgh - featuring Jill Yesko

Betty Karleski of Life Options Pittsburgh discusses senior downsizing with Jill Yesko, Certified Professional Organizer, Certified Personal Photo Organizer and President of Discover Organizing Inc.

Discover Organizing - "Get Organized for Good!"

Watch Peters Township public television recording of Discover Organizing Inc.'s class "Get Organized for Good!" presented by Jill Yesko, Certified Professional Organizer, at the Peters Township Public Library.  Jill shows her step-by-step methods of simplifying your life and creating lasting systems of organization.


Episode 1:

Capitalize on Your Energy

Join Jill and Sandy as they discuss the importance of tackling large projects while you have energy, not while you are hungry or tired. Stay tuned for more tips!