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Time is a container, too!

When planning to sort and declutter a large space, like a garage, I often hear people say, “I am going to do my whole garage this weekend!” I advise these people to please start a little smaller, with a more manageable, measurable goal: “I am going to organize a small part of my garage this weekend!”

An example:

Set a timer for 45 minute increments, taking 15 minute breaks. Do this for 3 hours maximum segments of your day. Sort and declutter 5 square feet in the morning,

setting aside the items you want to donate to a charity, and containing and labeling the items you want to keep longer term.

Drive accountability a little further by writing a date somewhere on the label when you close the lid so that the next time you want to edit your belongings, you see when you truly last reviewed them. It is a lot easier to get organized and take an inventory of the items you love and want around you when it is less daunting and your expectations are met!

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