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Strive For "Practical Perfection"

Let's be real, what is practical usually isn't described as perfection, and what is perfect is rarely practical. Organizing is an incredible way to combine the two. Is keeping a room pristine, easy on the eyes, and fabulously decorated in the latest trending décor practical with kids running around learning how a crayon works? No, not really. Expecting that of ourselves can lead to unnecessary frustration. Does having designated homes for toys, arts and crafts, and other household items make it easier to keep our homes cleaner, easier on the eyes, and more open? Absolutely. Managing expectations is key in achieving practical perfection.

Kitchens tend to be the most central part of a home. It sees the most action and it is where people like to gather. It can also be the room that needs the most help. Organization is all about creating and maintaining helpful habits in a space.

If your kitchen looks like this you may benefit from reorganizing your space to find the most practical places for your items. Having available counter space can allow for easy cleaning, and make the room feel more open and accessible.

This aerial image is a great example of how much reorganizing your space can transform it. Using containers, drawer organizers, and dividers can create the look of perfection but being able to find everything when you need it is extremely practical. Keep in mind a room's function when organizing that space. If you are redesigning the organizational structure of a room make sure to acknowledge how you would use that structure on a daily basis to avoid creating more work for your future self.

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