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Organize One Room at a Time

The lead cause of derailment during an organizing session is distractions. Distractions from a phone, from other people, and from engrossing-nostalgia are all common occurrences. You can limit these interruptions by turning off your phone, letting people know you will be busy, and being sure of your decisions when it comes to your keepsakes. However, the biggest distraction can often be yourself.

Trying to Organize Your Whole Home at Once Will NOT Work!

When you are in the middle of sorting, it’s too easy to pick up an item and think “Oh, I know a PERFECT place for this” and run to another room to place it down. But every time you switch rooms, you run the risk of distracting yourself with:

  • more items to decide about,

  • tasks that might need to occur in that next room

  • tiring yourself out from all the movement

  • confusing yourself by forgetting where you placed certain possessions.

Work in ONE Room At a Time

Before you start working in your selected room, place some labeled bins by the door for any items that need to be relocated within the house, donated, or thrown away. By having these receptacles ready and waiting, you can simply toss any items into the appropriate bin to be dealt with at the end of the session (or even another time, if the bins are not full yet). Moving between rooms can make an organizing job feel overwhelming; by staying in one place, you can maintain your focus.

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