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Teamwork Makes the Dream Work!

When organizing a space, it can be too easy to assume you can do everything yourself. You can look at your home and think “Oh yeah, I can knock this out in a weekend.” But in reality, tackling a large organizing project can be very difficult alone!

Organizing Can be a Rollercoaster of Emotions

When you start decluttering you will come across old mementos and items that have a significant emotional impact on you. It can be very easy to become overwhelmed when it comes to deciding what to do with these items. Also, if you have a lot of items, it can be hard to maintain direction and focus when you are alone and trying to keep the organizing plan in your head. Having support from someone else can ease the burden of any decluttering project.

Who do You Look to for Help?

The people that can provide the most help are Professional Organizers, friends, and family (in that order). Family will always love you and will be happy to help, but they may bring in their own opinions about what you should keep or donate. (“Oh you can’t possibly get rid of Uncle Tony’s lamp! I know it’s broken but what about his memory!?)

Friends may be a good choice because they can support you without bringing in family issues, which can bring on shame and guilt. However, they have their own lives to live and they may not always be available to help. There is a chance that they may have their own problems that they can bring into an organizing job (“Hey, are you trying to get rid of the mug I gave you for your 30th birthday?”).

No matter who you choose, you need someone who is patient and non-judgmental during the entire sorting process. You will be going through a difficult time already and the last thing you need is someone making your decisions harder! That’s why the best option for help is a Professional Organizer! Professional Organizers are Impartial and they just want you to succeed in your goals!

A Professional organizer can act as a vehicle to drive you towards your destination! Professional organizers can keep you focused during a job, provide emotional support during difficult decisions, and can even teach you skills that will enhance your own understanding of the organizing process!

Professional organizers will typically have a team with them. That means that while you are working with the lead organizer, one of their team members can be working in a different room—on projects that don't need as much input from you—keeping the project moving along.

Teams Offer Safety in Numbers!

If you are going to be tackling an attic or a similar dangerous or intensive space of your house, a team of workers can help immensely! Instead of needing to carry boxes and items down flights of stairs and ladders by yourself, you can hand items to a team member. This will make everything much safer throughout the project.

Don't try and tackle big projects on your own. It’s very easy to feel dissuaded from organizing if you alone haven't made visible progress on your project. Hiring a professional team lets you get more done, faster, and it provides the safety and guidance you may need to finish your project.

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