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Stick to a Schedule!

When starting an organizing project, it is essential to make and keep a schedule! Be sure that you set clear start and end times for your sessions. This will help you maintain focus throughout the entire process and will allow you to keep your daily goals reasonable! You shouldn’t go into your garage and tell yourself “Oh I'll do this in two hours!” Chances are, it’s not feasible.

Use a Timer!

On top of having scheduled time set aside, having a timer can be an immense help! Timers let you see how much time you have left which can help you decide between starting a new section of a room or finishing up where you are. You can use just about anything as a timer. Most phones have a built-in timer function however, this option can become a source of distraction if your notifications are not muted or turned off. Nothing can throw you out of a groove quite as well as constant dings and rings from texts and calls!

The timer we like to use during our organizing sessions is the Time Timer. This handy timer not only keeps track of how much time you have left but also allows a visual representation of that time. This is a great alternative to reaching into your pocket to fish out a phone mid session allowing the opportunity for distraction. To remain on track with your goals you can look to this timer and see how much of your allotted time you have left!

The Time Timer also offers a dry-erase board accessory that can help throughout your project. You can write down your current goals or notes as needed, and when you no longer need them you can erase them with ease!

Using a timer and setting a schedule will provide structure to your projects. This will help you from accidentally overworking yourself or skipping out on a project that you need to be completed. When planning your organizing sessions don't forget this crucial step!

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