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Read That Room(or Garage) Like a Book!

Want to do some decluttering and clean out your garage, attic, or living space this Spring? Start by collecting a few things before you start sorting and organizing your belongings in any space: small and medium sized cardboard boxes, garbage bags, a sharpie, and a rag. Then, write “Donate” on the cardboard boxes and line a large garbage can with your trash bag. You may want a real trash bag and can for true garbage, but keep it far enough away from the bag you are using to keep the donate or sell items or they may get mixed up. Grab some painter’s or masking tape, and put a piece of tape about 3 feet from the left wall on any surface - that is your finish line. Working left to right, top to bottom, take things off of shelves, out of cabinets, off of surfaces and use the OHIO technique (Only Handle It Once) to decide if you will: keep it, toss it (or recycle it), donate it or sell it. Once you reach your finish line, you can determine if you want to keep going, or if you want to get those items you said goodbye to where they go - a charity, to the consignment store, or set aside for the online auctioneer to review later. When you “read a room” you can see your progress visibility each time you revisit the space to continue. Move the tape, and get going again. In no time at all, your Spring cleaning will be done and over with!

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