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Downsizing Your Life, Not Your Lifestyle!

When we hear the word “downsize”, unappealing images are often conjured of older adults sadly emptying our homes of their possessions, their memories, and reluctantly preparing to move to a smaller “easier-to-manage” home. We think of seniors, shuffling through old musty dimly lit basements, making decisions about what to pitch, what to donate, and trying to figure out what to do with the rest. We might envision the family members, coming in to help in their own way, but maybe causing more stress and tension than what we had ever bargained for, as they pick through a life’s collection of furnishings, photographs, and trinkets. The parents yield to their adult children or siblings, but mostly out of exhaustion and coercion fatigue. Boxes are gathered and built, things are wrapped in paper and they are loaded on trucks, to go to the new place, or to be auctioned or given to a charity.

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