Attics Can Be Scary Places

Updated: Feb 24, 2020

Indeed. Going into a cramped and dusty place that you may or may not have been stuffing old Christmas trees, baby clothes (that baby is 48 now) and broken furniture you meant to fix someday can be frightening. Add cobwebs, a critter or two that may have squeezed in there somehow, and a burnt out light bulb, and you have a less than desirable place to spend a Saturday afternoon!

Before going “up there” make sure you have a plan. What will you do with what you don’t want anymore? Will you have items to sell? Do you have a favorite charity and should they come to you or will you drop it off? Will you want to clean the space when you are done or leave that to a professional? When you have those answers, and about 4 hours, grab a partner, a flashlight, a few extra bulbs, your cell phone and a tarp.

The partner is for when you need to get things down to the floor below without going up and down the ladder each time. It’s also not safe for you to carry things up and down a ladder, whether you are 22 or 62. If you are not sure if your ladder is safe, ask a home inspector to come out and help you determine this - and if you need a new ladder, most handyman companies can install one in less than half a day.

The flashlight is for you to find the socket to put the fresh lightbulb into, and

…the cell phone is for when you need to take pictures of the items up there to ask a family member or friend if they want the item or not. Try to send these pictures once you are done sorting, or your project might take a lot longer.

The tarp is for the floor below the ladder. If you have an extra tarp you can use it in a nearby room for sorting. It’s a good idea to move furniture around in that nearby room so that you can bring a lot of stuff down - even if you don’t get time to examine everything you bring down, at least you have it on a level of your home you don’t mind going to.

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