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Left-to-Right Top-to-Bottom

The trick to decluttering (then organizing) any room is having a system of decision-making in place before you start. If you begin a sorting session without a plan, you will quickly become overwhelmed by the chaos. The first thing you will want to do is select ONE room to work in throughout the decluttering session. Then while you organize the room, follow a pattern. When you establish a workflow you know exactly where you left off last session and where to pick back up on future sessions.

Read That Room Like a Book!

When working through a room, you will want to work Left-to-Right, and Top-to-Bottom. Not only will this provide structure to how you tackle any job, but it will help you stay focused on a specific part of the room instead of bouncing around between the four walls. No matter how large or daunting a project may seem, by reading the room like a book, you can slowly but surely work through any amount of clutter!

Don’t Be Hard on Yourself!

It might feel like you have “too much” stuff during your organizing projects. Instead of getting down on yourself for letting things accumulate, be proud that you are taking steps to make progress on your organizing goals. There's no need for self-depreciation when you’re actively working towards making positive and productive habits!

Don’t Just Set Things Aside!

While you’re working, it will be very easy to set something aside “for now”, or to “deal with later.” Don't fall into this trap! Setting something aside, placing it in a basement or attic, and every other “out of sight, out of mind” action will only lead to more work! While you are decluttering, set that item in a box for donation/trash, or by the door if it needs to be placed in another room later.

Make the decision now and save yourself the hassle later.

By keeping a basic structure throughout your organization process, you can keep moving forward with your project. No matter what happens or what you come across, if you stick to your plan you will be able to keep making progress!

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