What is a Senior Move Manager?

You may have moved houses several times in your life, or you may have moved only once or twice after leaving your parent’s house. When you DID move you probably worked with a moving company or at the very least borrowed their truck. But now that you may be coming up on one last “pack up and go” situation, have you thought of hiring a Senior Move Manager?

Senior Move Managers are the Superheroes of Moves!

A Senior Move Manager (SMM) does so much more than help box up your things and unload a truck at your new location. Senior Move Managers are professionals that typically have backgrounds in gerontology, social work, health care, and psychology. On top of that, all Senior Move Managers are accredited by the National Association of Senior Move Managers (NASMM) which vets for over 900 Senor Move Management companies across the United States, Canada, and the world. SMMs partner up with the seniors of the world to make their moves into Forever-Homes worry-free.

What Does a Senior Move Manager Do?

A Senior Move Manager will create a partnership with the seniors they help. They will sit down and discuss what the client desires in their move, their new home, and their upcoming life goals. Senior Move Managers want to cultivate trust in their work relationships so they can really strut their stuff and offer the best options to clients, while the seniors know that the SMM has their best interest at heart! But what does an SMM do? They typically offer but are not limited to:

  • Developing an “Age in place” plan

  • Organizing, sorting, and downsizing

  • Customized floor plans

  • Arranging removal of unwanted items through donation, auction, or disposal.

  • Interviewing, scheduling, and overseeing movers

  • Arranging shipments and storage

  • Oversight of professional packing

  • Unpacking and setting up the new home

  • Related services such as cleaning, waste removal, shopping, assisting in selecting a realtor, and helping prepare a home to be sold.

Why are Senior Move Managers Different than Movers?

Senior move managers take on a more active role than movers during a job. While movers can pack up boxes, load and unload their truck, and move furniture, that’s about all they do. Senior Move Managers, however, go the extra mile in the move! They will use expert packing skills to package your breakable items, note where every item came from and which box it is in to locate it easily, and they will help unpack when you get to your new home! While movers will bring the boxes inside and that’s about all they do, a Senior Move Manager will unpack the boxes you need, connect devices such as T.V.s and computers, and organize your home so you can spend the night right away! SMMs are your extra pair of hands, you tell them what you need to happen and they will work with you to make it possible!

How do you Know if you Need a Senior Move Manager?

If the thought of carrying boxes up and downstairs is daunting to you, get a Senior Move Manager! SMMs are there to help you take care of all the physically draining needs your move has. If you want to maintain a relaxed state of mind throughout what would normally be a stressful transition period, get a Senior Move Manager! SMMs will schedule all of the important dates to work with your schedule and they will act as overwatch for the whole process, making sure everything goes according to plan and making changes as needed so you don't have to worry. Do you want someone who is in your corner and cheering for you every step of the way? Get a Senior Move Manager! SMMs are there for YOU! They want you to succeed and they are willing to listen to your wants and needs. The best timeframe to look into getting an SMM is six months before your move. This allows you to take your time in your preparations instead of rushing to meet your deadlines.

If hiring a Senior Move Manager sounds like something you would like, Discover Organizing can help you! We offer the services of our two accredited Senior Move Managers for every need your relocation may have.

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