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Start a New Holiday Tradition Today!

The holidays are approaching fast! Soon people will be talking with loved ones and telling stories about the years gone by. You may be considering changing your holiday traditions due to the current events. But even if you do, we have an idea for a NEW tradition to help the family feel closer than ever.

Most families have a collection of old photographs or albums stashed away. You may pull them out from time to time to look through them, but if you think about it, how many stories are contained in your collection? Each photograph tells a story, every album an anthology. Does everyone else in your family know these tales? Are they written down?

Every family has a wonderful past that is filled with ups and downs, trials and tribulations, love and loss. But if all of these stories are only represented in photographs, who will know them as time moves forward and the photos are passed down? The photo that you so clearly know as your Great Uncle Thomas may someday be known as “That man in a suit”. To avoid this, why not consider Legacy Writing?

Legacy writing is when you preserve your values, stories, wisdom, and blessings for a future generation. Why not spend these holidays making a new tradition to write down your stories for future generations?

What you will need:

  • Everyone in the family! You will want to gather as many people as you can with online conference applications like Zoom so everyone can chime in

  • A time that works for everyone

  • The photos you will be telling a story about

  • A writing utensil and paper to write down the stories

Once everyone has gathered online, you can start going through each photo. Take your time and enjoy sharing stories with your family. Embrace the holidays and the love between yourselves. You can get new insights from your elders who could recognize people you may have forgotten. You can tell new stories to the younger generation so they understand the colorful past your family has lived through.

After telling your stories and writing them down, why not consider having your photos organized into albums? That way you can have all of your photographs in the right order when it comes time to tell the tales they represent. A Professional Photo Organizer could help you gather and sort your photos into chronological order or by subject. They could even help make the photo albums for you or store your extra photos in Archival Safe Storage boxes. After working with a Professional Photo Organizer, all that’s left is telling your stories.

Take the time this year to make a new tradition with your family. Even if you can’t have everyone physically present this year, with technology you can still include all of your loved ones. Take some time between celebrating the holidays and enjoying each other’s company to talk about where (and who) you all came from. You’ll find great joy in creating memories, a new tradition, and sharing your knowledge with those you love.

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