Photo Restoration

Photos are windows into the past. They allow us to look back at a single moment in time as many times as we wish. But what do we do when these “Windows” become smudged, damaged, and obscured? Most people have a collection of physical photographs that hold a special place in their heart. Unfortunately, sometimes these treasures can become damaged; this can lead to feelings of loss and regret.

What causes photo damage?

There are several factors that can lead to damaged photos. Some of these are out of anyone’s control and others stem from everyday living conditions. So what are the most common causes of damage to photos?

  • Direct sunlight

  • Aging (Browning)

  • Improper handling and storage (creases, tears, and rips)

  • Pests

  • Water damage

  • Fire

Any one of these can cause irreparable damage to a photo. There is nothing more heartbreaking than pulling out your loved moments of the past, only to see the damage they have accrued. But what can you do about it? Is all hope lost? Of course not! The next step is to…

Hire a Photo Restoration Specialist!

Photo Restoration Specialists (PRS) are professionals who use programs such as Adobe Photoshop to touch up and fix damaged photos. PRSs can do anything from removing Red-Eye and blemishes to fully reconstructing damaged photos. Here is a list of what PRSs can do!

  • Red-Eye removal (Remove the red-eye effect common in older photographs.)

  • Sharpen and Brighten (Turn those dark, hard to see photos into a bright window into the past!)

  • Spot Removal (Removing small smudges and scratches that mar the photograph.)

  • Color Restoration (Restoring color balance in photos that are bleached by the sun or have become washed out or saturated over time.)

  • PRSs can take a photo and restore the color balances so it looks practically good as new! (Some PRSs even offer color restoration on black and white photographs.)

  • Fire and Water Damage Restoration (Removing the damaged parts of the photo and then reconstructing what was underneath!)

  • Object Removal (Removing large blemishes and objects from such as writing, large scratches and smudges, mold damage, and tears. PRSs will also restore what was underneath these blemishes.)

Original Photograph
Restored by Discover Organizing Inc.

Restore your Favorite Photos

Due to the intensive nature of photo restoration, it can become expensive if you are not careful. The cost of multiple pictures with small alterations could still be less than the cost of one picture that needs major restoration. The best practice is to only restore your favorite photos first. Then you can decide if you want to continue the restoration project. If you would like help with deciding on your favorite photos, our next blog will cover that topic! For more information on photo restoration, check out this!

Ethan Earlewine

Content Writer

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