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Congratulations to Sandra Kutchman!

Updated: Dec 14, 2020

Here at Discover Organizing Inc. we live by our company mission and our core values. Our mission is to listen to a client’s concerns, identify their needs, and respond with expert services in a supportive, cheerful, and non-judgmental way. And value kindness, empathy, and compassion toward all clients and toward each other. In order to reflect our mission, core values, and the wishes of our President, Jill Yesko, we support and encourage our employees to seek out additional education that will supplement their work and allow them to better assist our valued clients!

Sandra Kutchman has taken the next steps in her education and towards becoming a better organizer! Sandra, or Sandy as we like to call her in the office, has been a Professional Organizer for over three years! As of November 7th, Sandy has become a Certified Virtual Organizer.

Sandy started her Virtual Organizing training on October 3rd with the Virtual Professional Organizer course offered by Sheila Delson. Sheila Delson is a Certified Virtual Organizer Trainer, co-founder of the Institute for Challenging Disorganization (ICD) and is recognized as the developer of the concept of Virtual Organizing.

The Virtual Organizing course ran for six weeks, with the participants meeting every Saturday during that time. Sandy put in the extra effort and went the extra mile to better herself and her education even though she is often very busy during the work week alone!

When we asked Sandy about her thoughts on Virtual Organizing, she had this to say…

“Virtual Organizing can have the same successful outcomes as on-site sessions! I am able to capture what I see visually, be present for the client, and increase skill transfer. A few benefits are the flexibility to work with a client either here in Pittsburgh or across the globe, and saved time in travel. For the client, Virtual Organizing provides additional means for getting the help they need, and allows for a safe and relaxed environment. I love being a Certified Virtual Professional Organizer! It is a different delivery process which requires me to be able to provide detailed and precise directions during and after the session, allowing my client to collaborate, grow, and succeed!”

Everyone here at Discover Organizing Inc. could not be prouder of Sandy if we tried. She took the time and additional effort needed to enhance her own training. She saw this training as an opportunity to help more clients in nuanced ways. With the current events in effect, Sandy will be able to continue to help clients no matter what might happen. From all of us at Discover Organizing Inc. to Sandra Kutchman, congratulations!

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