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Celebrating 17 years of Unlocking Simplicity

Jill (Banmiller) Yesko began her career in social work by starting out as a Case Manager for adult clients in transition from the Norristown State Hospital and eventually began working with children and families. She found her way into clinical administration by becoming the Human Resources Director at the Southwood Psychiatric Hospital. She discovered enjoyment in helping people and being a positive influence in their lives. Finding a love for organizing and wishing for more time to devote to her children, Jill left her HR work to create her own company.

Jill Yesko started “You Are Organized” in 2003 as a Sole Proprietorship. In 2004 she added photo organizing and album-making services, along with hiring new employees to help with the rapid growth of her company.

In 2005 Jill changed the name of her company to Discover Organizing Inc. as well as changing its business structure into an S-Corporation. Jill believed that a name change was necessary because she believed that education was the cornerstone of her work. She didn’t just want to perform a service, she wanted to teach her clients skills that they could use in their daily lives. That same year she and her Pittsburgh colleagues chartered the Pittsburgh Chapter of NAPO (National Association of Productivity and Organizing).

From 2007 to 2010, Discover Organizing opened and operated a physical retail organizing store and training center. The store focused on organizing supplies (closet systems, containers, etc.), organizing classes, and as a place to procure the services of Discover Organizing's experts. Jill also created Discover Organizing’s Career Ladder to allow people to be hired on and become organizing professionals through a carefully managed training program.

In 2008 Jill created Clearly Noted Cards, a greeting card line, to remind her customers that she cared about their success in their organizing projects and that they should keep up with the skills they learned. Eventually Clearly Noted gained traction in the Organizing Professionals market and she started creating cards for her colleagues across the country to give to their clients. Every card’s contents were written by Jill, and the company is still going strong today.

By 2011, Jill had added Senior Downsizing and Relocation Services and on-demand bin storage services (A Little Bit of Storage, now known as Homestretch Storage) in 2015. Discover Organizing and its subsidiaries had officially shifted its focus to the services it could offer its clients and the teaching opportunities it could impact upon their lives. Jan Blahut, our Marketing Director, coined the slogan Unlock Simplicity for the company, which is imprinted in the business’ goals as well as in the mindset we wish to share with our clients.

From 2017-2020, Discover Organizing offered residential and commercial cleaning services to the Greater Pittsburgh area. They specialized in one-time cleaning services for clients wishing to move out of their homes, partnering with the real estate market to meet closing deadlines and offer peace of mind to clients.

In 2019, company operations moved to a professional office space in Bridgeville PA. Discover Organizing proudly employs 12 current team members —but has employed over 100 individuals throughout the years. Using Jill’s Career Ladder program, anyone joining the company can develop into whatever role they desire to be. A true team approach promotes DOI’s culture of collaboration and cooperation, but the values at the core of the company are kindness, empathy, and compassion towards all clients and to each other.

All of the changes to Discover Organizing are made because Jill cares for her clients. She would talk to them and listen to their needs. Once she realized that her clients needed help in some aspect of their lives, Jill was quick to make a part of her company focus on it. Jill turned her compassion and caring nature she had nurtured in social work and used it to create a vibrant community that surrounds herself and the business that she’s grown.

Over the years Jill joined more organizations in addition to NAPO such as the Institute for the Challenging Disorganization (ICD), the National Aging in Place Council (NAIPC), The Photo Managers (TPM), the Women’s Business Enterprise National Council (WBENC), and the National Association of Senior Move Managers (NASMM). Jill volunteered much of her time in these organizations, unwilling to be an inactive member. Jill serves as the current President of NAPO’s Pittsburgh Chapter. She continuously has speaking presentations offered at national conferences, as well as regional symposiums, on her topics of “The Power of Productivity” and “Engaging the Aging”. She helps her colleagues grow their businesses by offering courses, consultation, and seminars for their expanding companies.

Jill has been working hard at Discover Organizing. She has had her company and herself featured in several local and national newspapers and magazines. Also, as of Oct. 5th, Jill is celebrating 17 years of organizing homes, offices, and photos, as well as transitioning older adults. Everyone here at Discover Organizing recognizes how much hard work Jill puts into the company. She has truly turned it into a labor of love. From everyone at Discover Organizing to you, here’s to another year of Unlocking Simplicity.

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