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Chronological Order: The Fine Print for a Large Life

If you wanted a book to help you live a better life, this is it!

“Great book for all generations! Reading this book is like having a good friend offer you advice! Practical tips, as well as stories, makes it a quick and interesting read for all ages. I downloaded it to my tablet and started it and my mom spotted it in the library and started reading it as well. We've enjoyed talking about the chapters as we read them. Whether you are in your 50s like me or your 70s like her, you'll learn something new. I think my 20-year-old daughter needs to start it next!”

- 5-star Amazon Review

“I am so glad I have read this book! Not only is it an easy enjoyable read, but it shares so much wisdom and practical valuable information relevant to every phase of life. In the introduction, the authors call it "a Manual for Life " which it is! I look forward to sharing this book with all the important people in my life, young and old.”

- 5-star Amazon Review

“This is a great gift idea for college graduates. The book includes lots of practical advice for "adulting" (such as avoiding credit card debt - or how to choose the best hangers for saving space in a closet). I also find it a very useful resource for anyone helping a senior parent to plan ahead and manage all the choices - to move, to age in place, to downsize, to buy long-term life insurance or not, etc. My favorite part of this life manual is the storytime sections of the authors' personal mistakes or hard times.”

- 5-star Goodreads Review

“This book was like having an attorney, a CPA, a social worker, your minister/priest or rabbi, nurse, best friend, or senior move manager – all at the same party!”

- Mary Kay Buysse, Executive Director, National Association of Specialty and Senior Move Managers

About the Authors
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Jill Yesko


Discover Organizing

Author and business owner Jill B. Yesko speaks nationally on organizing and life. Since founding Discover Organizing Inc. in 2003, she and her team have worked with thousands of clients to help them downsize, move, create balance, improve time management, and establish best practices in their daily lives, whether at home or in the office. 


She is the author of three books: A Business Roadmap for Professional Photo Organizers (Palmetto Publishing, March 2022), Chronological Order: The Fine Print for a Large Life (January 2022) and I’m Right Here: 10 Ways to Get Help for Hoarding and Chronic Disorganization (PYP Academy Press, June 2021). 


Learn more at or

Laurean Kile


Launch Collective EXPO, LLC

 and Patriarch Placement

Laurean is known as an expert Advisor to aging adults. She has helped countless families navigate the healthcare system, find suitable care and housing options. In the Fall of 2018 Laurean made a decision to sell her company, Patriarch Placement to pursue her passion of encouraging Faith Driven Entrepreneurs to release their full potential and steward their God given authority as Wealth Creators.


God has given Laurean the ability to help call out the seeds of greatness in others. Laurean hosts, The Launch Collective EXPO and Mastermind.  She has a growing supportive online community, THE COLLECTIVE, where she leads monthly Lunch and Learns, book discussions and more. 


If you ask Laurean she will tell you she is a Professional Encourager and is blessed beyond to lead people into their destiny. You can listen in to her Podcast, “Release Your Sound with Laurean Kile” and connect with her anytime or request to have her speak at


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